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Health Insurance Calculator

What is Health Insurance Calculator?

The Health Insurance calculator is the simple tool which helps you to identify the health insurance cost of availing health insurance benefits which include payment of hospitalization expenses like inpatient hospitalization expenses, out patient hospitalization expenses, Pre & Post Hospitalization expenses, Day care procedures,etc.Health Insurance calculator calculations are based on the inputs like number of insureds, age of the insured (s), Health Cover or Sum Insured, gender, city of residence.

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On what Parameters Health Insurance Calculator work?

Health Insurance Calculator is dependent on the following listed factors or parameters:

1. Sum Insured/Health Cover

Sum Insured or Health Cover is the maximum limit to pay for any hospitalization related expenses as mentioned in the policy contract. Sum insured needs to be rightly bought considering the medical inflation in mind.The premium of the health insurance plan is also directly proportionate to the sum insured.

2. Date of Birth/Age

Age of the insured, is the imperative input or factor considered for the health insurance premium calculations. When there are more than one insured in under the health plan, in that scenario the age of the eldest member is considered for the premium calculations by the Health Insurance Calculator. The premium of the health insurance plan is also directly proportionate to the age.At young age, people are less prone to be admitted in a hospital for surgery or for treatment or to attain any chronic disease.Therefore,the health insurance premium is lower at young ages as compared to high premiums at advanced ages. It is advisable to take the health insurance in the early stage to enjoy lowest health insurance premiums.

3. Number of Insured(s)

The health insurance calculator requires the number of people you are intending to insure under the Health insurance plan which may include your spouse, dependent children or maybe your parents.The health insurance calculator on getting the input on the number of insureds provides multiple health insurance quotes which helps you to find the best health insurance plan for yourself and your family.Age of the eldest member is taken by the calculator to assess the health insurance premium.

4. Gender

There is a price differential for male and female gender. Women are more likely to visit doctors, and are susceptible to more chronic diseases.

5. City/Place of Residence

Health Insurance calculator bases its premium calculation based on the location in which the individual stays. The climatic conditions, lifestyle, healthcare amenities, cost of medical treatment in that particular city, etc. often form the basis for the health insurance premium.

What are the Steps to use a Health Insurance Calculator?

Health Insurance Calculator requires simple steps to be followed by the user to calculate the right cost of buying a health insurance plan online.

Step 1: Enter vital details like Gender, Sum Insured, number of insureds, city of residence, age of the eldest insured details in the format prescribed by selecting the valid dropdown option.

Step 2: Submit your Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, City to get the details about the health plan. You will receive a one time password (OTP) on the mobile number provided. Enter the same to proceed further.

Step 3: The Health Insurance Calculator will display the wide range of health insurance products to suit your specific needs along with the premium cost basis the input provided by you. Compare and choose the best health insurance plan in India basis your requirement.

What are the benefits of using a Health Insurance Calculator?

Health Insurance Calculator offers multiple benefits to the user:

• The Health Insurance Calculator is easy and simple to use. The user has to provide requisite input to get the best results.

• The Health Insurance Calculator is convenient to use and can be used by a layman to assess his or her requirement for buying the best health plan.

• The Health Insurance Calculator is flexible in use. The user can put multiple pattern of inputs to get the different set of health plans as per the requirement, need and budget.

• The Health Insurance Calculator is a time saver and calculates the desired output at a fraction of time using algorithms related to the input provided.

• The Health Insurance Calculator is cost effective tool which provides desired results related to the health insurance plans in India at zero cost to find the best Health Plan.