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Bharti AXA Smart Health Insurance Policy

What is the Plan all About?

Smart Health Insurance Policy from Bharti AXA provides a comprehensive health cover for your entire family. This plan provides cover against medical expenses incurred due to hospitalization. It also provides cover for specified critical illnesses, without paying any additional premium.

The plan has 3 variants which are:

  • SmartHEalth Basic Plan 2 lacs
  • SmartHEalth Optimum 3 lacs
  • SmartHEalth Optimum 5 lacs


Key Features

  • A single policy covering your entire family
  • No pre-policy medical check-up up to 55 years
  • Lifelong renewability
  • Avail Inbuilt Critical Illness Cover
  • Multichannel 24x7 claim assistance
  • Dedicated claims handler
  • Access cashless hospitalization across 4300+ hospitals

Policy Benefits

  • In-patient hospitalization expenses are covered, for which the hospitalization for a minimum period of 24 hours is required.
  • Pre & Post hospitalization expenses are covered for a number of days limited to the available sum insured under the policy.
  • Specified day care procedures such as dialysis, eye surgery, radiotherapy, tonsillectomy, etc. are covered, for which the hospitalization for less than 24 hours subject to sum insured limits.
  • Domiciliary hospitalization is covered up to 10% of the sum insured available under the plan. This benefit is applicable
  • Benefit or hospitalization reimbursement basis to get Inbuilt cover against listed critical illnesses. Separate Additional Sum Insured of 100% of SI on Benefit Basis is applicable under Smart Health Optimum of 3Lacs and 5Lacs plans.
  • Hospital Cash Allowance is available, in case hospitalization exceeds 3 days.
  • Home Nursing Allowance for medical care services of a nurse at home, post-discharge from the hospital. This benefit is applicable for all the insured persons, irrespective of the number of occurrences during the policy period.

Value Added Benefits

  • Avail Sum Insured Enhancement at the time of policy renewal in case of claim free year.
  • Avail cumulative bonus and get 5% discount on renewal premium for each claim free policy year, up to a maximum of 25%.
  • After every 4 claim free policy years, the cost of health check-up up to 1% of the sum insured will be reimbursed.
  • Ambulance charges are covered.
  • In-patient physiotherapy charges are reimbursed. Up to 2% of SI is payable for SmartHealth Optimum Plan under 3 & 5 Lacs.
  • Accompanying Person’s Expenses at the hospital during hospitalization treatment of the insured are covered.
  • Medical expenses incurred in Out-patient Dental Emergency Treatment following an accident are covered.
  • In the event of the demise of the insured person in hospital whilst under treatment, a fixed amount is paid towards children’s education fund. This benefit is payable up to a maximum of two dependent children up to 23 years of age pursuing studies.
  • Reimbursement of the expenses incurred for transportation of the mortal remains of the insured person from the hospital to the place of residence, when insured dies in hospital while under treatment.
  • Tax Benefit under section 80D of Income Tax Act, 1961.

Sub Limits

  • Room Rent Limit: For SmartHealth Basic Plan, the room rent is capped up to Rs 2,000 per day under normal hospitalization & for SmartHealth Optimum 3 Lacs cover, Rs 3,000 per day is covered towards room rent charges.
  • Hospital cash allowance is Rs 200 per day for 10 days is payable under SmartHealth Basic Plan, Rs 750 per day for 30 days is payable under SmartHealth Optimum Plan for 3 Lacs & Rs 1000 per day for 30 days is payable under SmartHealth Optimum Plan for 5 Lacs.
  • Home Nursing allowance is Rs 500 per day for 10 days after first 3 days is payable under SmartHealth Optimum Plan for 3 & 5 Lacs.
  • ICU Charges for SmartHealth Basic Plan, Rs 3,000 per day under ICU/CCU hospitalization & for SmartHealth Optimum 3 Lacs cover, Rs 4,500 per day is covered towards ICU/CCU hospitalization
  • Accompanying Person’s Expenses covered up to the limit of the sum insured. Rs 250 for 5 days after first three days for SmartHealth Basic Plan & Rs 250 for 10 days after first three days for SmartHealth Optimum Plan under 3 & 5 Lacs.
  • Child education is covered upto 1% of SI is payable for SmartHealth Optimum Plan under 3 & 5 Lacs.
  • Ambulance Charges of Rs 1500 are admissible under SmartHealth Basic Plan and Rs 2500 for SmartHealth Optimum Plan under 3 & 5 Lacs.

Waiting Period Clause

  • Initial Waiting Period: Claims arising during first 30 days of the policy start date, except accidental claims. Any benefit under critical illness section can be availed after 30 days & 60 days from commencement of the policy in case of Benefit Plan & Reimbursement Plan, respectively.
  • Specific Waiting Period: Some treatments such as Cataract, Hydrocele, Hernia, etc. is covered after 24 months from the inception date of the policy.
  • Pre existing Disease Waiting Period: Any pre-existing disease until 48 months of continuous policy coverage, from date of inception of the first policy.

Who can Buy the Plan?

Factor Minimum Maximum
Age (as on last birthday) Adult: 18 Years, Children: 3 Months Adult: 65 Years, Children: 23 Years
Sum Assured 2 Lacs 5 Lacs
Cover Type Individual/Family Floater -
Policy Tenure 1 Year 1 Year
Grace Period 30 Days -
Free Look Period 15 Days -
Riders Nil -


  • Dental treatment/surgery
  • Pregnancy or childbirth related expenses
  • Cost of spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids, eye/ear examination
  • AIDS & other related diseases
  • Vaccination and inoculation
  • Mental disease, psychiatric, or psychological disorders
  • Naturopathy treatment, etc.