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Travel Insurance

  • Why should I buy travel insurance?  6 Views

    A travel insurance policy provides cover for medical & non-medical travel related contingencies such as medical treatment, lost of baggage, trip delay or cancellation, etc. It provides you financial cover against all sorts of travel related contingencies. It ensures that you are not left stranded in case of an emergency during the travel.

    Travel insurance is also mandatory in several countries when going to travel such as UK, Austria, Spain, France, Germany, and Belgium. However, for a safe trip, it is recommended to have a travel insurance policy, when travelling whether it is domestic or international travel.

  • Whether the period of travel insurance can be extended?  5 Views

    Most of the travel insurance policies have a provision for extension. It depends on the policy that you have opted and thus, it is advisable to check with your insurer about the extensions available.

  • Is there a minimum period of a trip to be insured?  5 Views

    Typically, it varies on the basis of policy you have opted for. Every insurer has different terms regarding the number of days that can be covered under a travel insurance policy.

  • Is there any medical check -up required to buy a travel insurance policy?  5 Views

    Typically, no medical test or checkup required to purchase a travel insurance policy. However, most of the insurance companies may ask to go through a medical test for insuring senior citizens. The insurer may also ask the insured with adverse medical history to submit medical reports. It is also recommended to check specific policy terms regarding the requirement of medical check-up.

  • Does a travel insurance policy cover pre-existing ailments?  4 Views

    A typical travel insurance policy does not cover any pre-existing illnesses. Some insurance companies, however cover the pre-existing diseases for senior citizens. You also need to ensure whether your pre-existing disease/s are covered, under the plan you are going to buy.

  • Do I need prior approval of the insurance company before going for medical treatment?  3 Views

    Prior approval is required in all cases requiring medical treatment, exceptions depending on the emergency involved. You need to clarify this aspect with the insurer, before buying the policy.

  • If pre-approval is required, then what is the procedure?  4 Views

    Every insurer provides the contact number, where you can get pre-approval regarding cashless hospitalization. For any medical treatment except hospitalization, the insurance company provides reimbursement on the bills.

  • Who is a Third Party Administrator?  6 Views

    A Third Party Administrator (TPA) works as a representative of the insurance company offering claims service. In order to get a speedy and smooth claim settlement, you need to confirm the TPA details from your insurer before you travel.

  • Can I get a refund, if I cut short my travel?  8 Views

    In case you did not go for travel and you show proof of the same, travel policies usual refund your premium, subject to deductions as applicable. If you cut short your travel, policies may or may not allow premium refund, depending on the conditions specified under the policy terms. It is advisable to read the policy document regarding the refund policy, in case of trip cancellation or curtailment.

  • Is the visa status significant to obtain overseas travel insurance?  4 Views

    In most cases it matters. Usually, travel insurance policies are issued to travelers who visit other countries on business or holiday or education and not for those residing permanently.

  • What If I lose my passport?  10 Views

    Loss of passport is covered in an international travel insurance policy. Expenses incurred towards getting a duplicate passport are also payable under the policy.

  • What is bounced booking?  8 Views

    The actual additional expenses incurred by you, in case of availing the alternate accommodation/ confirmed flight booking in case of bounced booking.

  • What is Loss of Baggage cover?  9 Views

    A policy compensates you for the loss of important travel documents, travel funds and personal possessions. The cover may differ from one plan to another.

  • Where can I get more details about the policy covers?  12 Views

    In order to get the complete details about the policy benefits, its coverage, exclusions and other terms, it’s recommended to read the policy wordings carefully.

    (The FAQs mentioned above are the generic ones. Read policy terms carefully, before buying a travel insurance policy for you and/or your family.)

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