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Chola Hospital Cash Healthline Plan

What is the Plan all About?

In addition to medical costs, you need to bear several other non-medical expenses, in case of in-patient hospitalization. This health plan provides the daily cash benefit and helps you take care of miscellaneous expenses.

6 plan variants can be opted under this plan:

  • Plan A
  • Plan B
  • Plan C
  • Plan D
  • Plan E
  • Plan F


Key Features

  • Daily hospital cash benefit
  • Grab family discount
  • Lifelong renewability
  • Enjoy tax benefits

Policy Benefits

  • Daily hospital cash benefit is payable under this plan.
  • Hospital cash benefit for normal hospitalization is payable.
  • Hospital cash benefit for ICU hospitalization is payable.
  • Lump Sum amount as Convalescence benefit is payable after 20 continuous days of hospitalization.

Value Added Benefits

  • Sum Insured can be enhanced at the time of policy renewal.
  • 50% cost of pre-policy medical check-up is reimbursed on issuance of the policy.
  • No pre-policy medical check-up is required up to 55 years of age.
  • Avail tax benefits u/s 80D as per IT Act, 1961 for premium paid for this plan.

Sub Limits

  • Daily hospital cash up to 20 days for Plan A, B & C and up to 25 days for Plan D, E & F.
  • Hospital cash benefit (normal hospitalization) of Rs 1000 per day for Plan A & D, Rs 2000 for Plan B & E and Rs 3000 for Plan C & F.
  • Hospital cash benefit (ICU hospitalization) is payable up to twice the benefit paid under normal hospitalization.
  • Convalescence benefit of Rs 10,000 for Plan A & D, Rs 15,000 for Plan B & E and Rs 20,000 for Plan C & F is payable. It is applicable once in a policy period.

Waiting Period Clause

  • Initial Waiting Period: A waiting period of 30 days from the inception date for all hospitalization claims except in case of accidents.
  • Specific Waiting Period: Specific illnesses such as Hernia, Hydrocele, Cataract, Benign, etc are covered after after 24 months of continuous policy coverage.
  • Pre existing Disease Waiting Period: Any pre-existing ailment/injury that was diagnosed /acquired within 48 months from the issuance of the first policy.

Who can Buy the Plan?

Factor Minimum Maximum
Age (as on last birthday) Adult: 18 Years, Children: 3 Months Adult: 65 Years, Children: 35 Years
Daily Hospital Cash Rs 1000 Rs 3000
Cover Type Individual/Family Floater -
Policy Tenure 1 Year 3 Years
Grace Period 30 Days -
Free Look Period 15 Days -
Riders Nil -


  • War, invasion, act of foreign enemy
  • Intentional self-injury
  • Experimental/Unproven treatment
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Vaccination or Inoculation
  • Mental disorders
  • External congenital diseases/condition, etc.