List of Top Online Term Insurance Plans in India

The growing popularity of term plans has made almost every major insurance company to launch their own products online. The market is getting crowded and it is not easy to select the best term policy for you and your family.

To help you make a decision, we bring to you the list of top online term plans that you can study and choose from:

Max Life Online Term Plan

Max Life Online Term Plan is one of the simplest plans that offer only the death benefits. Anyone in the age group of 18-60 years can buy this plan and select the term in the range of 10-35 years with the expiry of the plan capped at 70 years of age. If you’re a non-smoker, you can avail of discounts and can also get lower premiums if you decide to go for a higher coverage amount. You can get a sum assured starting from Rs. 25 lakhs up to a maximum of Rs. 100 crores.

HDFC Life Click2Protect Plus Plan

HDFC Life Click2Protect Plus Plan (HDFC Life C2PP) is an online term insurance plan offers you a sum assured of Rs. 25 lakhs to begin with and there is no cap to the maximum coverage that you can avail. It has primarily three options for you:

  • Life Option under which a lump sum amount is paid as the death benefit.
  • Income Option under which you will be paid 10% of the death benefit at the time of death and the remaining 90% shall be paid as monthly income over a period of 15 years.
  • Income Plus Option under which you can avail the entire sum assured at the time of death and an additional 0.5% of the sum assured will be paid as monthly income for the next 10 years.
  • Extra Life Option will give an equivalent of sum assured to the nominee of the insured in case of an accidental death.

Aegon Life iTerm Plan

Aegon Life iTerm Plan offered under this plan provides you with a critical illness cover as well by paying 25% of the sum assured at the time of being diagnosed and that too at no extra cost. Also, if you’re diagnosed with any of the critical illnesses then your future premiums will be waived off without the sum assured getting affected in any manner. You can have a minimum sum assured of Rs. 10 lakhs with no cap on the upper limit. You can also decide on a maximum term of 57 years with an upper age limit fixed at 75 years.

Bajaj Allianz Term Plan- iSecure Plan

The special feature of this Plan is that you can buy it either on an individual basis or can have a joint plan with your spouse. If you buy the plan for single life cover, the death benefit will be paid to the nominee at the time of death of the insured. In case you buy the joint life option, the sum assured will be paid at the time of death of one of the insured and the policy continues to be active. If the second insured also dies during the term of the plan, an additional sum assured will again be paid to the nominee. You can start with sum assured of Rs. 2.5 lakhs (for general category) with no maximum limit.

Exide Life My Term Insurance Plan

Exide Life My Term Insurance Plan also offers to pay 25% of the sum assured at the time of diagnosis of a critical illness. However, what makes it different from other term insurance plans is:

  • In case the insured dies during the term of the plan, either the complete sum assured (when death happens due to reasons other than critical illness) or the balance of sum assured after deducting the 25% paid earlier, is paid to the nominee
  • If the insured die during the term of the plan, the nominee can avail some percentage of the chosen sum assured as lump sum payment and 110% of the balance amount is paid in monthly installments over the next 5 years

These are the best term insurance plans as of now based on their performance over the years. compare online term insurance plans and Find out the one that meets your needs and buy it now!

Harjot Singh Narula

Harjot Narula is founder and CEO of, an IRDAI approved insurance web aggregator focussed on selling online insurance for companies. Harjot has more than a decade of experience in software development and has also spent 5 years in US working for the mortgage and risk management industry.

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